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Software Support

Install / Upgrade / Migrate

Want to reinstall or upgrade your OS? Upgrade your database? We will backup all your old data, upgrade or migrate, then transfer your data to the new system. Plus we can cleanse what you do not want to keep.

Troubleshoot and Bug fixes

Have a program that always crashes? Or a problem getting something to work just right? Just open a ticket and let us have a go!


Getting your software to work with the the security model you have in place can be a cause of frustration, proper configuration can have a bring a large increase to employee productivity. We model and standardize, allowing you to make decisions and ensure your next software release is well executed.

Extend and Automate

Want to extend and automate tasks in the software you already use? We have implemented many different solutions for many clients; just ask - the sky is the limit.

Have a request or question?

If your considering a software or system purchase and would like some help or advice, simply open a ticket. Questions and answers are of course, free.

Data Support


We offer expertise in Data Migration, Cleansing, SQL Tuning, Export / Import of Data, and Backup and Restore process automation for the following databases (All versions).

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL
  • Excel

ETL for Data Warehouse

Need to get and keep an overview of what is really happening to your data, where and when? Have new requirements that must fit into an existing system? We offer the highest level programming skills in the following programming languages:

C++, .NET, VBA for Excel, VBA for Access, VB, PL/SQL, PHP, SQL, PEARL, Shell and Java. Our programming and planning skills allows us to implement fast and reliably almost any solution. If you have a need, we have a solution.

Business intelligence

We have over 20 years experience in implementing IT projects in BI Reporting in the Finance, Risk Controlling, HR, and Sales industries. We support many of the standard BI software's from IBM( Cognos) , SAP Business Objects, Oracle BI, and Microsoft.

Backup and Recovery

Hard drives do crash and drops and spills will happen. Keeping backups of all your important data is absolutely necessary. Let us, in a just a few minutes give you the peace of mind that your data is regularly backed up.

Oracle, Excel and Access, MS SQL Server

Are you using any of these products? We have more than 15 years experience supporting and programming in these databases.

Network and Web Infrastructure

Setup and Installation

We offer setup and configuration of low cost highly reliable and secure Linux based data exchanges, web servers, data stores and shared services providers.

Secure Data Exchange

Have a need to place to share data securely across geographical regions? We can provide you the know how to implement a robust, secure, low cost solution.

Hackers Beware

Every day attempts are made to break into our servers, while we are not over confident, we do have confidence we are secure. Are you? If not let us show you how to be sure.

Tuning for web server

Having a slow web server in place will cost you money as your customers become inpatient. A few minutes spent here can really keep your customers happy as they engage your web site.

Hardware Support

Setup and Installation

We can install all your new hardware including Laptop, Desktop, iPad, Smart phone, Printers, etc. exactly as you want it, plus we make sure it works well with your other hardware and devices..

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Annoying errors and bugs can cause delay and create frustration. Most solutions are simple, we have the experience to put things right for you.

Internet / Network

We will setup your Cable, DSL, or Fiber internet connection from any provider, Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange, Green, etc. Plus configure modems and routers and wireless security. You can work and surf the way you want to.

Server Support

We offer expertise in setup, configure and support for Windows, Solaris and Linux Servers for Small and Midsize companies as well for those who work from home.